Dear we welcome you to our website, and steamingpc '., Website owned by two entrepreneurs who together have decided for their quality and characteristics of doing business on the web.
1. Persons who have worked for years on end product quality and service to the lease, but you used 'quality, guaranteed and certified computer technicians, commercial and entrepreneurs, united by one purpose, to give service and quality to its customers.
2. Steaming pc plan to do all this through his experience and offers dozens of videos on youtube, videos that show who we are and our ability '.

3. & Philosophy Our experience has led us "unique in Europe" in a dedicated after-sales service "technician to your home," with a few clicks and in no time we can reach your PC or notebook and solve you problems big and small of each day.
4. Our products are used and re conditioned end lease, you come exclusively of large banks, multinational pharmaceutical companies, department managers, administrators, who use them sparingly only for their own work, doing the utmost attention to detail and avoid misuse , the products are used in a respectful manner and strictly controlled during use, because if damaged charged to those in use .. at the end of his leaisng companies' send it in large companies that specialize in cleaning and control of sensitive data and we sold on sale from leading companies in Europe, America and Dubai.
5. Ma 'products sold are not the ones that usually found in malls or in the major distribution centers of electronics. They are products of superior quality built with completely different techniques, including in the external structure, machines that have the highest crash test in high performance cars for their use shall be lit and be able to remain in operation for 12/24 hours a day . Their systems, fans, and every accessory and 'top of the range version, not simple or notebbok PC or monitor that you find at reduced prices in major centers.
6. Our specialized technicians, inspect, test and re install on operating systems, paying attention to detail, feeders, cover, battery in the case of products such as laptops and replace when not working
Our mission 'to better meet our consumers! Mission for many years to which we devote our energy
• To provide a wide range of quality products from which to choose the most suitable for you;
Ensuring efficiency and quality of products sold
assist and help (if needed) in the evaluation of the products to our number.
Send you quickly at home or at your office products purchased
Keep you informed on the status of the order is made;
support you promptly in case of problems with the products;
For any questions you may have about purchasing that you want to make contact, one of our consultants will be at your full disposal to best meet any your request.
If you're ready to choose your product, please refer to our catalog or use the search service and if you do not find what you want.
Thank you for visiting our site, and for the time you have to dedicate to this small presentation and we look forward to having you among our customers, but above all to make you make a purchase safe, peaceful and fully satisfying!
Riparmio does not mean inefficiency!

An ethical, ecological and economic & energy!
  is an ethical choice: it avoids wastage of materials and energy work
is an economical choice: you can save over 50% compared to the price of a new proodotto.
- Is an ecological choice: every product on the market end of lease amounts to a savings of more than 1000kg of raw material, the nature thanks you!
You can contact us by mail at:
You can call us on 3404039544 
Monday to Saturday from 09.00 to 18.00, our staff will be available for any assistance or your request.
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